Consents & Compliance Team

Amanda Brown

BE(Hons) MEngNZ

Resource Management Consultant

Amanda is responsible for preparing resource consent applications for groundwater and surface water takes, and land use for farming activities and other related activities. This includes the drafting of reports outlining assessments of environmental effects.
Previously, as a member of the water resources and stormwater team at Beca Ltd, Amanda gained valuable experience undertaking hydraulic modelling. During this time, Amanda undertook modelling work in a variety of software packages, including MIKE by DHI and InfoWorks ICM. In addition to hydraulic modelling, Amanda also gained experience in hydrological analysis and stormwater design. 

Amanda has also worked for Environment Canterbury as a river engineering officer. Through this role, Amanda developed a good understanding of flood protection and erosion control works. She also gained valuable experience working with contractors and other external stakeholders, along with budgeting and work programme development skills.

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Consents & Compliance


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