Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultants

As environmental consultants, we understand the pressure to get water resource management right: to protect water quality, manage the impacts of climate change and meet the expectations of your communities.

Water scarcity, increased demands for irrigation and urban water, water quality, changing land use, and nitrate leaching are all priority issues for New Zealand councils. We’re committed to providing the best environmental consultancy advice to protect our resources together, which is why we prioritise working collaboratively with primary industries alongside councils and regulatory bodies, as well as conducting world-leading water management research.


Groundwater Resource Management

Careful management and protection of groundwater is essential for providing a safe drinking water supply and maintaining the quality of our rivers, lakes and wetlands. Our environmental engineers are actively engaged in all aspects of groundwater resource management and can assist you with modelling sustainable groundwater allocation options, conducting risk assessments, aquifer tests, pump and well tests, and investigating the potential for geothermal solutions such as ground source heat pumps.

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Water Supply

Maintaining a safe and secure water supply for New Zealand’s growing population is an area of increasing pressure for regulatory bodies and smaller water suppliers. Protecting source water quality and ensuring supply reliability are two of the main concerns for regulatory bodies looking to identify new water supply sources that can provide a long-term sustainability.

We have worked with the Ministry for the Environment to develop modelling guidelines for defining new source water risk management areas (SWRMAs) and developing source water risk management plans. We also work closely with councils across New Zealand to help them develop their own SWRMAs and manage local water quality risks.

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Resource Consents and Compliance

We work collaboratively with councils and other governmental bodies to find the balance between consenting resource use and protecting the quality and availability of our precious natural resources. Our many years of experience enable us to see beyond the needs of today and look ahead to a sustainable future, factoring in different potential scenarios resulting from climate change, changing land use and increasing demand for fresh water.

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Land Treatment

Finding solutions for storing, treating and disposing of effluent waste is essential for primary industry businesses, and we work closely to ensure they have fit-for-purpose solutions that protect water and maximise the potential of their land.

After years of working to establish best practice through our contributions to guidelines such as the New Zealand Guidelines for Utilisation of Sewage Effluent on Land, we continue our commitment to maintaining and championing best practice. With our research expertise, we are well positioned to provide expert advice and peer review for developing land treatment and wastewater disposal solutions that deliver sound economic and ecological outcomes.

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