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Dr Andrew Dark


Principal Engineer

Andrew is a water resource engineer with 15 years of post-qualification experience. He has significant technical expertise in catchment, district and national-scale modelling and analyses, and an in-depth knowledge of water management issues.
Andrew’s breadth of expertise extends to projects that involve hydraulic and hydrological modelling of surface and groundwater systems, water storage, and hydrological analysis. He is also experienced in irrigation scheme design, soil moisture and irrigation water requirements modelling, GIS, and the resource consenting process for groundwater and surface water takes.

Through involvement in various strategic water management projects for both councils and scheme developers around New Zealand, Andrew has gained an in-depth knowledge of water resource issues. He has investigated the hydrological feasibility of numerous water resource development options, and he has developed specialist skills in supply-and-demand modelling of surface and groundwater systems.

These projects have involved collation of river flow and climate data (including climate change projections), filling gaps in records using regression and interpolation techniques, determining irrigation water requirements based on climate, soil and land use, and implementing allocation rules in simulation models. Results from Andrew’s models have assisted stakeholders with understanding the potential effects of bulk water supply schemes and changes to allocation rules on river flow regimes and water supply reliability. Andrew has significant experience in presenting results to stakeholder groups with a range of backgrounds and levels of technical expertise.

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