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Dr Jenna Van Housen


Senior Water Scientist

Jenna is a water scientist with more than 12 years of experience in conducting investigations that underpin water policy development and in water resource allocation and management.
Technical and policy development investigations have included analysing water allocation patterns and trends and water use measurement practices; investigations into community groundwater supply options, energy usage and peak electrical loading implications of irrigation development; and quantifying seasonal irrigation water use for the purposes of setting limits on such water use. Jenna also has experience with the resource consenting process relating to groundwater and surface water abstractions, agricultural and industrial contaminant discharges, related land-use activities, and on-site wastewater system design.

Through her research, which focused on improving current estimates of water use across Canterbury, Jenna has gained comprehensive knowledge of factors influencing pasture development and evapotranspiration, which has provided a solid basis for her use of computer-based models such as DairyMod, Hydrus and Irricalc.

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