Effluent Management

With any form of food production, particularly dairy farming, farmers and growers have to contend with effluent storage and disposal – which requires a well thought out, well-managed plan that is efficient, sustainable and consentable.

At Aqualinc, we use our years of experience to offer effluent management support that considers the nature of your site, the requirements of your current or future resource consents, and the ongoing success of your business and industry.

What We Do

Effluent management is a process that varies from site to site. Fortunately, the Aqualinc team has years of experience and expertise to call upon to help ensure your property has a suitable effluent storage and discharge operation in place. In fact, our understanding of the process led to us taking the lead on writing the Dairy NZ Farm Dairy Effluent Code of Practice (and the accompanying Design Standards)!

We can assist you with

  • Designing your effluent storage and discharge system

  • Securing appropriate resource consents

  • Assessing the performance of your effluent management system

  • Testing for leakage from your storage pond

  • Monitoring soil moisture levels within the discharge area

  • Setting up a telemetry system


Work with Us

Managing the consenting requirements for your farming and growing operations may seem overwhelming, but bringing on board some seasoned expertise can help you refine your approach, manage your land effectively and focus your energies on the areas of your business you know best.

Get in touch to find out how we can take care of the messy task of managing your effluent, from storage and monitoring to consent preparation and compliance.

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