Land Treatment

With a productive and thriving economy comes the need for primary industry businesses to store and dispose of effluent waste in a safe and effective way, using environmentally conscious methods that protect groundwater quality.

With our many years of experience in irrigation system design and groundwater resource management, Aqualinc are skilled at designing new effluent management systems and maximising the performance of existing systems, as well as considering the wider picture — preserving groundwater and land quality across New Zealand.

What We Do

We contribute our expertise to a range of projects that assess the wider impacts of wastewater discharges on land. We also regularly conduct feasibility studies for using land to discharge waste, and peer review proposed land treatment solutions.

Some of the important questions that we consider include:

  • What is a groundwater system’s capacity to safely assimilate nutrients and other contaminants?

  • Will a new development change groundwater quality significantly, and how could the risk of adverse effects be minimised?

  • How significant is the vadose zone in reducing the risk of groundwater pollution?

Our track record of providing expert advice goes back a long way, and our work has included contributing to sections of the New Zealand Guidelines for Utilisation of Sewage Effluent on Land.

To find out more about how we support primary industry businesses such as farms and vineyards in New Zealand, visit our primary industries page.


Work with Us

Protecting the quality of New Zealand’s water and land is central to the productivity of our primary industries — and knowing which questions to ask about a proposed effluent discharge makes all the difference when balancing economic and business success with water quality and environmental protection.

With our background of providing professional advice, conducting reliable feasibility studies and delivering expert peer review, we can provide the support your organisation needs to develop new land treatment and wastewater disposal solutions that protect groundwater quality.

Client feedback…

It’s been great working with you, and I really appreciate how prompt you have been on this project. I have no doubt we’ll be in touch again.
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