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Matt Bubb

BSc(Hons) DipMkt Sustainable Nutrient Management – Intermediate PRINCE2 Project Management

Principal Environmental Management Consultant 

Matt has over twenty years of experience in water resource management, engineering and development. He is the leader of the consents and compliance team at Aqualinc and is a member of the senior management team.
His primary focus is on issues associated with resource management and consents. This role has seen him manage teams into large consent hearings and to undertake private and community-level consultation and detailed negotiation.

Matt has worked for Environment Canterbury as an independent consultant in an auditing role, and therefore he has a good understanding of local government practices and auditing procedures.

Matt has a thorough understanding of the Resource Management Act, and he is involved in a number of large resource consent processes. He is skilled at assessing surface water and groundwater resources together with contaminant discharges and other related activities.

Part of Matt’s role is to oversee land-use change and to assess the implications of such changes on the environment. He holds a qualification in Sustainable Nutrient Management and is a user of the OVERSEER nutrient budgeting programme. He also helps farmers to draft Farm Environment Plans.

Matt is frequently involved with providing advice and support through the due diligence process for the leasing and purchasing of farm businesses.

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