Regulatory changes. Will these help farmers?

The coalition Government are changing the Resource Management Act and some of the key documents that govern how we manage our water resources. 


Water storage: options for maintaining and growing resilience

Irrigation water supplies have been under pressure this summer, with the government classifying Canterbury and a number of other regions as being under drought conditions.


How fit are your consents?

Resource consents play a crucial role in the operation of most farming businesses. They’re the cornerstone of our operations and enable us to carry out activities to make the most of our land. 


Beware the long tail!

Climate scientists and weather forecasters have indicated that this year’s El Nino is likely to be quite different to previous summers such as 1997-98 and 2015-16 due to the current combination of conditions in the Pacific.


Will water related consenting get easier?

Farmers recently involved with applying for consents have found there has been an increase in the difficulty and complexity of the process. 


Irrigation New Zealand Graduation and Awards 2023

Congratulations to Rose Edkins and Ian McIndoe. Rose received her NZ Certificate in Irrigation Design and Ian was awarded the NZ Certificate in Irrigation Design Recognition.


MyIrrigation (powered by SCADAfarm)

MyIrrigation (powered by SCADAfarm) is a water management platform providing improved water management, analysis and compliance using a cloud-based system and monitored via your device.

will-we-have-a- drought-this-summer-aqualinc-research-nz

Will we have a drought this summer?

From what’s been in the media since the development of El Niño conditions was announced, you’d think that it’s almost certain. But is it? 


Is climate change impacting groundwater nitrates?

Climate change is having an impact in New Zealand and there are well-recognised issues including warming temperature and sea level rise, as well as the wider consequences, such as more extreme rainfall events and more prolonged droughts.


Scratching the surface of water use efficiency

On the face of it, increasing water use efficiency seems like it must be good thing: less stress on our precious water resources, and more "crop per drop".


Time for a back-to-basics approach to water consents

Getting water consents and complying with their conditions is a major headache for most farmers who irrigate. We need to go back to basics to simplify water consents.


Aqualinc announces sale of neutron probe business to staff

Aqualinc is selling its neutron probe business in the North Island and in North Canterbury to two of its Irrigation Management Area Managers.

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