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Shallow groundwater monitoring

The Christchurch City Council has a shallow groundwater monitoring network, with nearly 250 monitoring points across the city.


Where is that perfect irrigator?

Many years ago, Alan Brown from MAF Ashburton commented to me that no one had invented the perfect irrigation system. Decades later, there is still no perfect irrigation system.


Water Regulation Changes – how will they affect you?

The rate of change is unprecedented, so it’s not easy to know what’s changing and more importantly, how changes may affect you.


Groundwater levels — what can we expect?

Whether you use groundwater for domestic supply, stockwater or irrigation, it’s often useful to have a heads-up of where water levels are likely to head over the coming months.


Optimising Irrigation with Soil Moisture Sensors

When it comes to soil moisture sensors it is definitely not a case of one size fits all.


Disentangling the water reforms

There have been several new words, names and phrases added to water related vocabulary recently. Things such as Freshwater Reforms, Taumata Arowai, Te Mana o te Wai – to name a few!

TruSense Soil Moisture Telemetry

Many farmers have invested heavily in soil moisture sensors and associated equipment but are not realising any significant benefit from this investment.

Water Regulation Changes – What’s Next?

Over the last couple of years, water-related regulations have been changing at lightning speed. So, what’s next, and are there other changes coming? Yes!

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