With decades of expertise providing accurate water and soil data to our clients, Aqualinc have developed, refined and delivered a range of useful and practical telemetry and mapping tools that can be used to inform water and land use-related decision-making. Our tools are used nationwide by farmers and growers, councils, and consultants.


myIrrigation provides accurate water and soil data so you can manage your irrigation requirements in real time. Monitor your soil moisture levels and adjust your irrigation schedule to meet your needs and maximise the use of your water allocation.

If you would like to find out more about how myIrrigation can help you manage your water allocation, contact us today. If you require any assistance or have any feedback on the new site please contact Bayley Pearce.


Understanding the conditions in your catchment area can make all the difference to how you manage your irrigation and utilise your water allocation. MyCatchment accesses a database of results from our IrriCalc soil moisture balance and irrigation simulation model to give an estimate of the irrigation water requirements in a dry year, based on a location, soil type, crop type and irrigator type.
Of course, in the real world, sometimes the model’s estimates don’t reflect reality — for example, non-standard vine row spacings in a vineyard may have different water requirements from other vineyards. While this model is an excellent starting point and often provides all the information you need, we can also provide customised modelling to support resource consent applications that require a different approach.

MyCatchment has become a default source of catchment data for a number of councils, farmers and growers, and consultants. If you would like to find out more about the catchment area you’re located in.


If you are based in Canterbury, Irrimap may be the catchment tool you need as it is a Canterbury-specific version of MyCatchment.

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